Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books are the Most Effective Witnessing
 and Discipleship Tool for the Market Place and Everyday Life!

Real Life Stories Lighthouse Christian Testimony Books are the most effective tool we have ever used for reaching lost souls in the United States.

When these 176 page books are given away out in a public setting most people receive them with a smile
and cannot believe someone would give them such a nice gift for Free!

For every 500 books we give to people, only 1 person will refuse to accept the book.

Edward, the man on the left in the above picture has been used by the Father to give out over 30,000 copies of this book!
To watch his short story go to this video link :

The 38 people pictured on the back cover of the book have committed to write their stories to God's Glory
and develop a Witnessing Life Style by Carrying these books and giving them to people they meet during everyday life.

In this short 2 minute Video clip, some of the above 38  people in the book are Encouraged and Challenged to lead Witnessing Lifestyles :


It’s simple each person carries 2 books in their hand every time they leave there home or get out of their car.
This simple, consistent, commitment is all the Holy Spirit needs to go to work in setting up Divine Appointments!    

In addition to the 38 testimonies in each Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 3 Christian Testimony Book,
there are also pages called Truth.

Truth pages are laced between the Stories, after every 4th Testimony!
The Truth pages are the Word of God! The Truth pages Lead Lost Souls to Jesus!

The Bible, the Bread of Life is sandwiched between the Testimonies. The Books do not look "churchy" or religious
and people love to receive them. People accept them and read them just for the stories and often find Jesus as they read.

Real Life Stories Christian Testimony books are case priced to make them affordable for anyone to use in their city to reach lost souls.  
A case of 60 books is only $40 plus $14 shipping.
(Shipping cost is for United States. All other Countries email us your exact address for shipping quotes)

That is only 90 cents per book!  This 176 page book is priced less than some tracts! This book would sell for $14 in any book store!

To get Started Today, Go to this link. Make a $54 Donation and we will get a case of 60 books shipped out to you!

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New – Introductory Offer! - Testimony Book Sample Pack!

 If you have wanted to try using Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books, but
were not sure which book you wanted to start with, we have what you need!

You can order this Testimony Book Sample Pack!     

It includes Copies of the 4 books pictured above.

Including Lighthouse Edition 3, Inmate to Inmate, Lighthouse Edition 4
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You can order 1 of each of the 4 books to preview with a $10  Donation.

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