of normal everyday people whose lives were changed miraculously by Jesus Christ.  This book of testimonials is an excellent tool to use to help lead the lost to Christ.  People love stories.  What better way to show the lost of Jesus' awesome power than to show them what he has done for people just like them!  People who experienced the same problems that the lost person could be facing this very moment.  When you give this testimonial book to someone, they see something of value and will be anxious to read it.

God has given us a vision to bring church growth by helping churches in every city to develop, design, and publish a "Real Life Stories" Book with the faces on it and the testimonies in it of the members of their local church.

“Real Life Stories” is our newest book release.  The early comments about “Real Life Stories” are fantastic.  When people see the cover, they want to read it.  People love stories.  People like to read about other people.  Jesus shared stories.  Christians are encouraged by these great stories.  Non-Christians are drawn in and receive the gospel while reading these stories.  Many non-Christians request additional copies to share with their non-Christian friends.  Many Christians that have never shared their faith are now using these books as a tool to reach the lost.

Christians see this book filled with “Real Life Stories,” and the gospel message as a tool they can use with confidence.  Many have said, “I never knew it could be so easy to share my faith.”

It’s so easy.  You carry the books with you everywhere you go.  Every time someone serves you in any way, you give that person a book.  That’s it.  It’s so easy!

We have had people who were Christians for twenty to thirty years, that had never before shared their faith, tell us that this witnessing tool, “Real Life Stories,” has given them the courage they needed to step out and let God use them.  Some of these people are now giving away twenty to thirty books a week.

 When a person receives “Real Life Stories,” they perceive it as having value.  It looks great and would sell for $12.00 in a bookstore.  We did not print this book to sell them for $12.00.  We printed it to help Christians to share their faith, to reach the lost.

 Ask God how many you should buy.  If you order at least 40 copies, you can have them for only $50.00.  That’s right, only $1.25 per book (plus $18.00 shipping).

You can give them to unsaved family members, people you work with, people you do business with:  your barber or beautician, doctors, lawyers, bankers, waitresses, accountants, photographers, firemen, policemen, city workers, government officials, teachers, truck drivers, taxi drivers, postal workers, pizza delivery persons, owners of every business in your city plus their employees, school bus drivers, cashiers in all the stores you visit, dentists and their staff, and many many more.  Folks, you can give these “Real Life Stories” books to everyone you meet everyday. 

 There has never been an easier way to share your faith.  Order now!  Lift up the name of Jesus by placing this book in the hands of the lost, and He (Jesus) will draw all men unto Him.

 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.  – John 12:32

 If we do the lifting, Jesus will do the drawing.  After you try it for awhile, tell your pastor and friends how easy it is.  We will even help you publish a book for your church or community with “Real Life Stories” of people in your local area.

 For more information on how to do this, or to place an order, give us a call at 219-787-9933.  Don’t sit back while people around you perish.  Use this God-given tool to reach them.

Jim and Carla Barbarossa

"Real Life Stories"

The latest witnessing tool available from Step By Step Ministries.  A great tool to help jump start church growth.

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