The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 8 - Part 7

Jan 3rd, 2015 Northwest Indiana /Chicagoland Regional Unity Gathering

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!!


As you can see in the above picture the Northwest Indiana /Chicagland Regional Unity Gathering was a great success!!
This was the 1st Gathering in our new location and the room was filled with hungry saints that crossed denominational lines to come together as one family!!
Some drove over 3 hrs from Wisconsin and Michigan to attend and receive what God had for them.
We had 5 speakers, 5 different 5 fold ministry gifts that each spoke for about 7 minutes on the topic "As You Go: Make Disciples" 
It was Totally Amazing how the Holy Spirit took 5 different speakers, 5 different gifts, 5 different personalities and spoke through them blending together one powerful life giving message, As You Go: Make Disciples!
In between the 5 speakers, we had a Dynamic Time of Spirit Led Worship, a couple Holy Spirit Led Praise Dances,Testimonies and Prophetic Words.The evening ended with many receiving personal prayer ministry. 
It is wonderful to see so many different people being used by the Holy Spirit in these Regional Unity Gatherings.
In the back of the room we had a Free resource table with tools (tracts, CDs and books) that people could freely take and use to reach out to lost souls in our community. Also on the resource table were teachings on DVD and CD  that people could Freely take to help them be stronger better equipped disciples of the Lord. 
Comments on Meeting:
I was so blessed to be a part of this Regional Unity Gathering .  When worship started the atmosphere seem to have became electrified.  You could feel the very presence of God in that place.  I have never felt the freedom and brotherly love , like I feel when I'm at a regional meeting.  There are no personal agendas that seem to get in the way.  The only thing I see in the way is the Holy Spirit, and he isn't in the way, he is just having his way in every heart there.  Amen. 


 Hi Jim,
I felt so at home! I met a lot of people I hadn't seen in quite a while. I could feel excitement and the Holy Spirits
presence.  The people were entering in with their whole hearts. It did not matter who you were or where you came from
everyone came wanting to serve and worship our Lord Jesus. Here's what I saw and what the Lord spoke to my heart and spirit :
There was a wall of angels around the room watching with joy and approval. The Lord said this is part of my end time Army.
I'm bring my 5 fold ministry and leaders together to function as ONE. I'm raising up, not an ordinary army, but an EXTRAORDINARY one.
It has started all over the world and even into the darkest places. Some I'm raising up openly, some are hidden are for now.
As leaders begin to function as One and for the same Christ, leaving behind religion, color, race ect. and come to Jesus the common denominator,
I will empower and equip them with Extraordinary gifts of wisdom, revelation, signs and wonders they will lack no weapon of mine.
All weapons will be wrapped up dispensed with the greatest weapon of all, My LOVE, for Perfect love casts out All fear.
"This army will rise with Great Power (love) a Victorious Roar!"  Jim, I believe even if it gets darker and darker the greater
Jesus will shine and the greater the harvest will be!
Shalom - Jennie
One of the things that really jumped out at me at the last meeting and that I am experiencing myself is that relationships are being formed and growing.

Hi Jim & Carla,
During worship this is what I saw  "it was pitch black and in the distance I saw a red glow. I looked at it thinking what is that and then I heard in my spirit "What do you see" I said, I see a wall of fire as I said that it intensified and it was moving forward. Then it was gone."

I was excited to hear how the Lord gave us practical ways to disciple . It encouraged me to keep going.
Annette and Roger


The Regional Unity Gathering was like a slice of heaven. I got soooo blessed. Multi ethnic, multi cultural, multi generational & Holy Spirit all over the place.  

 THANK U, For obeying God,


"I was blessed to be poured out as a blessing and blessed being filled back up."


The Northwest Indiana / Chicagoland Regional Unity Gathering  was filled with worship, great testimonies, powerful mini-messages and God's love. I felt joy and laughter as the meeting began.
I attended both the Indianapolis meeting on Jan 2, 2015 and the Portage meeting on Jan 3rd, 2015. Wow!! Two Nights in a row!!
What a delight to be a both meetings! God' Grace was made manifest in the atmosphere, the Power of the Holy Spirit filled the Air
 and the peace of the Prince of Peace filled the room . I wonder what it would be like to do this 7 days in a row??


The common thread in all the comments above seemed to be The Holy Spirit

Saints, it does not get any better then being led of The Holy Spirit! 


Be sure to mark Your calendar for the next Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland Regional Unity
Gathering on Feb 7th, 2015. The topic will be.  As You Go: Do Acts Of Kindness!

We all know people that could use some Discipling or Equipping!!

We all know people who need a safe place to fully develop their Holy Spirit Given Gifts!!

We all know people that need Love, Friendship  and Strong Godly Christ Centered Relationships!!

We look forward to seeing You at the next Regional Unity Gathering!! Be sure to Invite a Friend or 2 or 3!!

See complete schedule for the year and more details below: 



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Jim and Carla
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