The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 8 - Part 6

Jan 2nd, 2015 Central Indiana Regional Unity Gathering

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words! 


As you can see in the above picture the 1st Central Indiana Regional Unity Gathering was a great success!!
The room was filled with hungry saints that crossed denominational lines to come together as one family!!
Some drove over 3 hrs to attend and receive  what God had for them.
We had 5 speakers, 5 different 5 fold ministry gifts that each spoke for about 7 minutes on the topic As You Go: Love. 
It was Totally Amazing how the Holy Spirit took 5 different speakers, 5 different gifts, 5 different personalities and spoke through them blending together
one powerful life giving message, As You Go: Love!
In between the 5 speakers, we had a Dynamic Time of Spirit Led Worship, a couple Praise Dances, Testimonies and Prophetic Words. The evening ended with many receiving personal prayer ministry. 
It is wonderful to see so many different people being used by the Holy Spirit in these Regional Unity Gatherings.
Here is what one Pastor said:
It was a blessing for Precious and I to be at the Central Indiana Regional Unity Gathering.
I saw hungry people. I saw what took place with us when we started to attend the Northwest Indiana /Chicagoland Unity Gathering
I saw people that want God.

Thank You
Pastor Reggie

Here is what one of our speakers said:

Thank you so much for providing me a platform to grow in, in speaking God's word.  What an incredible time Friday was in the Lord.  There is such a freedom to worship Jesus at these conferences.  To be honest, I don't know of any other place that the atmosphere has been so anointed and blessed to do so.  I so enjoyed the meeting, and believe there were several that received a touch from God.  Thank you for obeying and making a way for the Holy Spirit to move in that area. 


Chaplain Joann

Comments about meeting:
The worship and praise was spirit led and just when it seemed to be over, God’s Presence came suddenly like a wave sweeping over us.
The evening was charged with the electricity of the Holy Spirit. I saw people visibly touched throughout the evening by the power of God.


1. The presence of unity was there in great anticipation and expectation in the people’s hearts.

2. There was a mighty move of God and such a Presence of holiness and reverence that fell.

3. Definitely the message, “as you go – love,” was threaded throughout the whole evening and the Holy Spirit put it all together in a beautiful package in prayer, in the messages by the speakers and in the music.

4. There was great encouragement and direction with a challenge for application to bring back a testimony.

5. It was just wonderful to see the altar ministry go forth so sweetly and so purely.

6. There was a purity and a simplicity as each one was used in their giftings.

7. The whole evening meant a lot and it was “over the top” in a good way!

Gay Ann 

The shofar sounding almost put me in the throne room in the Presence of God.


I brought two people with me to the meeting ,who had never experienced anything like this before. They said they were coming back.


I was impressed with the evening. I felt a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit throughout the evening. The musicians, singers, dancers, and speakers all were coming from the glory of God to bring Heaven to earth.

At one point, early in the evening, while a person was speaking, a fire truck raced by the church with its red lights blinking in the windows, first along the North Side, then the West side and finally flashing through the South windows. It appeared as if it were the prophetic fire of the Holy Spirit burning in the meeting. I told Linda about it immediately and she agreed.

I was impressed with a lady driving from Ohio about 2 hours. She said she was "hungry for the Lord." Another man heard the shofars and came out of curiosity. It proves the saying..."You build it, they will come."

Ruth Esther

God was flowing!


I Thank you for allowing me to share in the vision and be apart of something so much bigger than we are. I saw so many people so hungry for Jesus and to be able to just let go in worship! It was so incredible! Knowing how much I have been changed since Joann and I have been coming to Regional Unity Gatherings. I am truly Humbled!

 The people were beautiful .Each teaching was great, Power Packed,and Filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit  !  It was a wonderful night full of the presence of the Lord ! Not even the bad weather could keep people from coming out .


I am honored to be a part of what God is doing in Regional Unity Gaterhings .
I believe there was a spiritual awakening in the hearts of those that attended the Central Indiana Regional Unity Gathering . I believe that many of them accepted the commission to go, and the command to love. Everyone that we prayed for, could have received prayer for anything, but there desire was to be strengthened to answer that call. Their desire lined up with the perfect will of God, so we KNOW that God is fulfilling that desire.


The common thread in all the comments above seemed to be " The Holy Spirit "

Saints, it does not get any better then being led of "The Holy Spirit"  

Be sure to mark Your calendar for the next Central Indiana Regional Unity Gathering on Feb 6th, 2015.
The topic will be As You Go : Pray!

We all know people that could use some Discipling or Equipping!!

We all know people who need a safe place to fully develop their Holy Spirit Given Gifts!!

We all know people that need Love, Friendship and Strong Godly Christ Centered Relationships!!

We look forward to seeing You at the next Regional Unity Gathering Be sure to Invite a Friend or 2 or 3!!

See complete schedule for the year and more details below:




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Thanks  !! 
Jim and Carla
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