The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 8 - Part 4

Some Easy Ways To Tell People About Jesus

Carla and I took a little road trip. We left home about 11 am on Thursday morning and returned home about 11 am on Saturday Morning.
We took a 2 1/2  hr  drive from our home to a Place called Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
On Wednesday, while having lunch Carla heard a couple ladies talking about a few cities they had visited. One of the cities they mentioned was Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. When Carla came home, she mentioned the conversation she had over lunch, and the town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. As she told me about it I felt impressed of the Lord that we needed  to go to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 
Thursday morning we packed some things and left for Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  We arrived and checked into our hotel room. As Carla unpacked our things, she discovered she had forgot to pack our combs and hair brushes. She went to the front desk and asked where we would go in town to buy some. We got directions, and walked to this convenience store. 
As Carla went into the store, I sat on the bench out front. She was in there a long, long  time!  As I sat on the bench I prayed in the Spirit.    
While in the store, she met Debbie pictured above. Carla was the 3rd person in line and each time Debbie would try to check the people in front of Carla out, the register would freeze up. She kept  apologizing and kept trying to check them out but it just got worse.
When it was Carla's turn to check out she gave Debbie a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book. As she looked at the cover and read the words, "Life Has Many Storms", she started to cry and said "Are you an angel?"  Carla said, "No, I am not, but I believe God brought me here today just for You! Debbie told Carla that she had lost her husband about a year earlier. Carla prayed with Debbie, and God ministered to her.
When Carla came out, she said God set me up. Forgetting my hair brush was all part of God's plan to bring us to this store, so He could show Debbie that He cared and she was not alone.      
In the picture above, Carla was giving a book to the young lady that served us breakfast. She was so excited to get the book. People are always so happy to receive this easy to use Gospel tool. 
While walking around town I carried my Shofar. Several times on the trip people would see it and ask what it was. I would explain a little about the Shofar and ask would you like to hear it? 
The answer is always, Yes!  And people are always so blessed when they hear the sound. I then give them either a copy of our book "The Shofar and The Voice of God" or a copy of the "Shofar Tract ".  In both cases, people are left with the Gospel message in their hands!! 
If you are a Shofar Sounder, you need to get out from the 4 walls of the church building and out in Your City where God can use the Shofar and You to reach lost and hurting people! In this hour, God is placing a Harvesting Anointing on those that he has Called to Sound the Shofar
As Carla was shopping, she gave these 2 Ladies a book. During their conversation, Carla mentioned we had just printed a new book called Real Life Stories Inmate To Inmate. They said they would like to have one so we went back to the hotel picked them up and dropped off 3 copies on are way out for dinner.  As we go about the Fathers business He will guide our steps, he will make all kind of great things happen! We just have to get started, get moving and listen for His direction.
I carried my Shofar into McDonalds, when we stopped to get a coffee. I set it on the table where it could easily be seen. A lady walked over and started to ask me about it. I asked her if she would like to hear it? She said Yes! So I sounded it and gave her a book and a Shofar Tract. She loved the Sound of the Shofar and was so happy to get the book and the tract.
If you look closely at the picture above , you will see that even Ronald Mc Donald had his hand up Worshipping as the Shofar was Sounded!
These 2 young ladies did a great job serving us dinner and we gave them each a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book with a Generous tip! They thanked us several times and were so happy to receive the books.
 During this short road trip of about 48 hrs, God touched many lives. We gave away 37 Real Life Stories Christian Testimony books, 3 Real Life Stories Inmate to Inmate Christian Testimony books, 5  - The Shofar and the Voice of God Books, 10 CDs with the Gospel Message, a bunch of the Shofar Tracts, prayed for people, loved people and spoke words of life to people.  
I am so glad we heard His voice and took this little road trip!
It is fun to serve our Lord and Savior!  It is fun to be the church in action!!
Saints, things like what we just shared with you above, are what we have all been created to do. 
As sons and daughters of God, we are to be led by the Holy Spirit and carry Life everywhere we go.
We all have been called to reach lost people in the area God has placed us and it is really easy when we have the right tools. 
If you would like to try using some of our  "Real Life Stories Christian Testimony" books we will donate 2 cases to you. That's right 2 cases, 120 books is yours! 
All you have to do is make a donation of $36 to cover the shipping and handling cost and we will send 2 cases of books  right to you. This offer only good in the United States. Books are too heavy to ship out of the country. 
 You can make a donation at this link :
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Step By Step Ministries
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Saints, please pray for all the people pictured above and all the people that received books , cds, tracts, prayer  and words of life from us on our little road trip .   
Thanks for praying!
Together we are making a difference!!
Jim and Carla
Step By Step Ministries
Porter, Indiana 46304
219 762 7589