The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 8 - Part 3

Vacation or Mission? Part 3

During our trip to France, on June 22, 2013 we celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary. This is an anniversary lunch we will always remember ....
Sitting on a wall in Amboise, France eating pizza.
Carla shares the gospel message on CD with the owner of this purse store. She was very happy to receive the CD.
I remember when Carla was afraid to share her faith. Does she look afraid in the above picture?
Looks to me like she is having fun!!
Here is Carla sharing her faith again in another boutique.This lady was so touched by getting the CD that she gave Carla a scarf.  Using CDs to share your faith is so easy anyone can do it. Again, I see no fear on Carla, it looks very natural, very easy for her to share her faith.
The truth is it was not easy for her, it did not come natural for her, she had to apply herself and learn to be an effective witness.
For some of you reading this today , it has not been easy for you to share your faith, you struggle with fear, you struggle with the idea of telling people about Jesus. That's ok, Carla had the same struggles and learned to overcome them and YOU can to!!
Carla got help sharing her faith when she cried out to God! When she repented for not sharing her faith and asked God to help her to be able to tell people about Jesus!
Carla has always loved to shop, but when she goes shopping today she has a much higher purpose! Today she always carries tools for evangelism (CDs or books with the gospel message)  to share with people that she meets while shopping.  When Carla carries CDs with her God always opens a door to give them to someone as He did in the picture above . 
Using the gospel message on CD  to reach the lost is non threatening and very well received by most people. On this trip to France, we gave out 200 CDs in the French language and only had 2 people refuse the CDs . Most people are very happy to receive them like the lady in the picture above.
If you would like to learn how to share your faith using CDs we can help you!!
Would you like to learn?
We have just what you need. We have developed 11 different types of CDs that can be used to reach the lost.  We also have 2 DVDs that you can watch to help you to learn how to effectively use the 11 outreach CDs.
If you really want to learn to share your faith let us know and we will send you the 11 outreach CDs and the 2 DVDs.
If you are the senior minister of a local church, you should prayerfully consider teaching the members of your church how to share their faith through the use of CDs. This is so easy any member of any church can do this!!
If we want to have witnessing church members it is our responsibility as leaders to equip them, to train them!!!
Saints please pray for the people pictured above that received the gospel message on the CDs.
Please also pray for the 250 people that we shared the gospel message with through CDs and tracts as we traveled.
Pray for more Christians to purpose in their hearts to share their faith!
Pray for senior ministers to provide the training needed for their church members to learn to share their faith.  
Thanks For Praying!! 
Jim and Carla
Step By Step Ministries
Chesterton/Porter,  Indiana
219 762 7589