The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 8 - Part 1

Vacation or Mission?

Guess where we were?!
Yes, That is the Eiffel Tower In Paris, France!
A year or so ago, God spoke to Carla to go to Normandy, France. No idea why. Just a strong sense. You need to go there. We scheduled a trip to France as a vacation and planned it around being obedient and passing through the Normandy area.
A few of days before we left on the trip,  a couple from church felt that God said to gave us 10 small bottles of anointing oil to take with us to France .We accepted the oil and took it with us having no idea why.
When we arrived at the North Coast of France, we anointed the land and sounded the shofar on Omaha Beach and other Normandy landing beaches were the allied invasion was launched in 1944, that brought the deliverance and salvation of France and Europe.
At this link it shows where we were day by day. At the bottom of this link it shows a map of everywhere we traveled. We anointed the land,  sounded the shofar, and gave out the gospel message using tracts and CDs in the French language, in all the cities on map plus others.
When the trip was over and I looked at the map, I saw a fire on the trail we traveled, burning inward to the center of the nation and outward to all of Europe.
Saints please pray over the route and cities that we traveled and anointed. You may want to print the map and use it as a point of contact as you pray.  
We do not really understand it all, but believe God is about to do something in France.
As we traveled, we shared Jesus with people through tracts ad CDs that we brought with us in the French language.  Below, I gave the owner of the restaurant were we ate a copy of the CD titled "Do You Every Feel Like There Is Something Missing In Your Life? " 
He  could speak some English, he thanked me for the CD and said, " Sir, I will definitely listen to this CD! "

Romans 10:17    King James Version (KJV)

17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
When the man listens to the simple gospel message on the CD, the stage is set for faith to rise up in him to believe in Jesus as the son of God and the Savior of the world. 
Using CDs is an easy effective way to share the love of God with people! It is so easy anyone can do it !!

Question? How do you share your faith when you go on vacation?
How do you tell people about Jesus when your on a vacation? 
Do you allow Jesus to go on vacation with you? 
After we ate, Carla gave our waitress a CD.  As the waitress read the title of the CD
" Do You Ever Feel Like There Is Something Missing In Your Life? " 
You could see tears in her eyes!!  God was at work, The Holy Spirit was all over this lady .
Neither Carla or I can speak any French. Through the media of CDs in the French Language we were able to share our faith all over France.
During our 14 day trip, we gave out 200 CDs to French speaking people in over 40 different cities and villages all over France.
Question ?  Do you care enough about lost souls that you would intentionally carry evangelism tools with you on vacation so God could use you to reach them?
Do you care enough about lost souls that you would intentionally pack 200 CDs in an extra suitcase and pay a $100 fee to be able to take the evangelism tools with you on your trip?
Saints,  please pray for the 2 people pictured above and all 200 of the people in France that we gave the gospel message to on CDs .   
One last question?
Will you take Jesus with you and share Him with people on your next vacation?
Saints, if you know anyone that is involved with ministry in France please forward this to them.
Thanks For Praying !! 
Jim and Carla
Step By Step Ministries
Chesterton/Porter,  Indiana

219 762 7589