The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 7 - Part 4

Living In an Attitude of Revival - Hearing, Knowing and Obeying the Voice of God


In part 2 of living in an Attitude or State of Revival I shared the following with you:
At our Regional Unity Gathering on January 4th 2014, I taught on God's Government,Order and Gifts. During the teaching I said, "I have been saved for 20 years and I have heard a lot about this thing called revival but I cannot say that I have ever seen it! " 
On Sunday morning Jan 5th, 2014, as I awoke at 4 A.M., it was ike I saw a video clip of the night before. I saw myself saying, "I have been saved for 20 years and I have heard a lot about this thing called revival, but I cannot say that I have ever seen it! " 
As I saw this, the Holy Spirit said, "That is not so! That is not a true statement! You walk in a State of Revival.  You walk in an Attitude of Revival! "
At that time and several times since then, God has said to me repeatedly "Teach my people to walk  in a State or Attitude of Revival."
To this I have said repeatedly, "God, I do not know how to do that!"
To this God said, "Keep it simple, review your life and simply tell people how I taught you to walk in a state or attitude of revival and encourage others to follow these principles out of My Word.
Twenty years ago I heard a teaching, 3 days after I was saved. That teaching was given by a young man of 78 years old. That young man of 78 years old, Ray Moore, asked me to join him for lunch that week.
As we ate lunch, Ray explained to me the importance of the Great Commission and how it was the responsibility of every Christian to be prepared to tell others about Jesus during their every day lives, everywhere they would go. 
Ray told me this is why I teach people how to write out and share their personal testimony, their story about what Jesus has done for them with lost people. 

Living In a State or Attitude of Revival Part 4 :
While having lunch with Ray,he gave me a book called "You Can Hear The Voice of God " by Steve Sampson.
Within a few short days I had an understanding based on that book and the Word of God on how important and how easy it could be to hear from God. 
Because Ray gave me that book,because Ray took the time to disciple me, to pour into me, to be a father in the Lord to me, I have never struggled with hearing the voice of God. It has always come naturally to me and it should!
27 The sheep that are My own hear and are listening to My voice; and I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27 Amplified Bible
This is a promise from the Word of God! We should not have to struggle to hear the voice of our Father. As sons of God it should come Naturally to  hear our Fathers voice !! 
 As a baby Christian, I would practice hearing and obeying  the voice of God and that led to things like this happening:
When  I was about 18 months in the Lord, Carla and I were on a vacation. My Father in Law and I were in my truck and it had room for two people to sit in the front and a little half seat in the back and you had to lift the seat and squeeze behind it. I saw a man hitch hiking, he needed a ride. I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to pick this man up and I immediately said within my self but I am on vacation God, I do not have time for this but I stopped anyway. I pulled over and the man said I need a ride but I cannot get in back there because this leg doesn’t bend and when he walked he would drag his leg. Well my Father in law graciously got out of the truck, got in the back and let this man climb in the front. Then the man proceeds to tell me I am going to the tavern, to the Bar. This was his ritual, this was his life, and this is what he did everyday. And I thought God you had me pick up a man to take him to the tavern?
Think about the places Jesus went. Jesus went into the darkness. Jesus would do something like that. We are driving to the bar when this man starts to tell me all the problems in His life, He tells me how everyday he goes to the tavern and drinks until he can drink no more and he some how manages to get home, and he drags his leg.

As he is telling me his whole life story again the Holy Spirit prompts me, “Tell him your testimony.” And so I started to tell him my testimony. I was talking very fast because I knew the tavern was not very far away and I wanted him to hear as much as possible. Then we get to where the Bar is, the tavern and he says this is the place where I get out. As he goes to get out I said to him I won’t forget about you. I will pray for you. He opens the door of my truck and he gets out and he is headed for the Bar. At that point the Holy Spirit said this to me; “pray for him.” I said as I am going down the road on my merry way I will pray for him. Then the Holy Spirit said No! Get out and pray for him now! You see it is one thing to hear the voice of God, it’s another thing to know the voice of God and it’s a completely different thing to obey the voice of God. God will stretch you, God will have you do things you never have imagined, but it is worth it. It is a little scary along the way but it has its rewards.

I jumped out of the truck, I ran around and I hollered Danny wait and it was at this point that I realized how big Danny was. As I was standing looking up at him, fear started coming on me. Danny looked down at me and said what do you want? I said I want to pray for you. This is when I found out he was more afraid than I was. He said if I let you what are you going to do to me? I said all I am going to do is pray. I’m going to ask God the Father in the Name of His Son Jesus to set you free and heal you. You had to be there to get the full picture of it. He was a big man, and he had His arms crossed and said : “Do it”.

I started to pray, as I prayed I was watching him, his face was like granite stone, no emotions, he did not close his eyes. He did not cry. He did not shake. He did not fall on the floor. There was no physical manifestations at all. Nothing! When I got done praying for him I simply extended my hand to his and said by faith I believe today that God is going to help you.

I left, turned around and headed back to my truck. My father in law was a new Christian and he was watching all that was happening. As I started to climb up into the truck my father in law says “what did you do to that man? I said, “What do you mean? He said, the man just went past the bar, he is not going into the bar, what did you do to him? As I looked up in my rear view mirror I saw Danny walking down the road past the Bar. He did not go in the Bar and that is a miracle in itself. But as I watched him, walking, all of a sudden he goes like this with a leg that would not bend and He is shaking that leg and he is walking and shaking that leg and I watched him for 2 blocks as he walked, he would shake that leg, walk and shake it and walk. That is the God we serve.

Saints that story is an example of living in a State or Attitude of Revival !
11 But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Romans 8:11
Saints,  The Resurrection Power Dwells in You
Saints,  Revival Dwells in You

Hearing, Knowing and Obeying the Voice of God 

All the things that God has showed me about Hearing His Voice can be read as a word doc. 
If you would like to receive the message as a word doc just send me an email to  with Hearing Gods Voice in the subject line. 
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Saints,  pray for the people of God to learn to Live in a State or Attitude of Revival. 
Pray for us to be able teach or impart this to people.   
Thanks For Praying!
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