The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 7 - Part 1

Living in a State of Revival

At our Regional Unity Gathering on January 4th 2014 ,I taught on God's Government ,Order and Gifts.  During the teaching I said, " I have been saved for 20 years and I have heard a lot about this thing called revival, but I cannot say that I have ever seen it! " 
On Sunday morning Jan 5th, 2104, as I awoke at 4 A.M., it was like I saw a video clip of the night before. I saw myself saying, " I have been saved for 20 years and I have heard a lot about this thing called revival, but I cannot say that I have ever seen it! " 
As I saw this, the Holy Spirit said, "That is not so! That is not a true statement! You walk in a State of Revival. You walk in an Attitude of Revival! "
As I heard this it caught me off guard. I started to tell God how messed up I was and that I have problems and issues I deal with. As I said this I saw what appeared like another video clip. This time it was a man I know. I would describe him this way. When he walks in a room you see Jesus! 
 As I saw this the Holy Spirit said, "He too walks in a State or Attitude of Revival." Then the Holy Spirit said, "He is a mess just like you.You are both a mess, but you have both learned to walk in a State or Attitude of Revival! Stop looking for Revival and teach my people how to walk in a State or Attitude of Revival!!  
As I heard this, the question that immediately came to my mind was, "God how do we teach people to walk in a State or Attitude of Revival?"   
A few days later, as Carla and I were driving to Abbeville, La. , this question came to my mind; "What is the Greatest Revival of  all times?"
As I pondered this question, I thought about Azuza Street, Brownsville, Toronto and others, that we called revival. Then I heard the Holy Spirit say, "No ,No , No
Wrong All Wrong!  The Greatest Revival of all times was the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and that same Resurrection Power that brought Jesus from the grave Now Lives in You! " 
Think about it?  Jesus was dead, without life and Jesus was brought back to life!
Jesus was Revived!   Jesus is the Greatest Revival of all Times!!
11 But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.  Romans 8:11
Think about it.  If the same Spirit that brought Jesus out of the grave Now Dwells in You, Then that Resurrection Power Dwells in You, then Revival Dwells in You! 
Twenty years ago, when I got saved, I got Revived!  The old man died and a new man was born.  I was on fire for God!  I was excited about the Bible! I was Excited about my new life and I would talk about it to everyone! 
I soon found out that walking in a State of Revival or an Attitude of Revival made a lot of church people very very nervous! 
I remember hearing a group of older church folks one day having a conversation about me. One of them said, "That, Jim Barbarossa has that crazy new born Christian zeal and one of these days he is going to lose it and become just like us! "
Well, I thank God that day has never come and with God's help it never will. I still have that Crazy New Born Christian Zeal, and Yes, I believe we can walk in a State or Attitude of Revival!
Do I have problems? Yes 
Do I have struggles? Yes
Do I battle sickness?  Yes 
Is my life perfect?   No
But none of that changes the fact that the Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ Dwells or Lives within Me!  
Revival, Jesus Christ, The Greatest Revival There Ever Was Lives Within Me!
If I am hearing God correctly, He is saying :
" It is time we stop Looking for Revival and start Being a Daily Demonstration of Revival to a lost and dying world ."

Twenty years ago I heard a teaching, 3 days after I was saved. That teaching was given by a young man of 78 years old , that truly walked in a State or Attitude of Revival! That teaching propelled me into walking in a State of Revival! That teaching helped me to get my eyes off of me and onto the needs of those that were around me in every day life. Carla and I took on the mantle to carry that teaching and it has now gone into 107 nations of the world. 
You can watch that teaching at this link;
or if you would prefer to read it, just send me an email with the words " Attitude of Revival "  in the subject line and I will send you my notes for the message.

That brings me back to this Question:
How do we teach the people of God to Walk in a State or Attitude of Revival?
Which leads me to this Question?
Who is to teach God's people in my City or Region to Walk in a State or Attitude of Revival?  
I will touch more on both of these questions in a future email. In the mean time would you please pray over both of these questions and ask God to give me and others reading this the wisdom, knowledge and understanding needed concerning the answers to these questions, concerning our cities and regions .  
Thanks For Praying !
Jim and Carla Barbarossa
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