The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 6 - Part 4

The Shofar and The Harvest Part 3
On Friday and Saturday, Carla and I  took a drive a long the Northern State line between Indiana and Michigan visiting small towns in both states.
Before leaving the house we loaded up the car with Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books, Shofar Tracts and the Gospel message on cds.
When I walked by the man playing his guitar I said, how about I sound this and see if we can get you some attention. As the sound went forth you could see people turning and looking in our direction. The young man said thanks that was awesome! Carla gave him a Shofar Tract and we continued down the street.
As I went around the corner the man on the bench said. "So, that is what I heard, that is a beautiful sound!" I said," Would you like to hear it again? He said yes so I sounded it for him. 
After sounding the Shofar, the Holy Spirit said, "Ask him why he has the tubes and oxygen tank?"  So I asked  him and he said, "I have COPD and the doctors do not give me much longer to live." 
 Again the Holy Spirit prompted me. This time He said , "Tell the man how the doctors told you 21 years ago that you were dying and there was no hope! Tell the man how I spoke to you and healed you!! Ask the man if he has faith to believe I will heal him? " 
After I said all the above the man answered "Yes!!" and then bowed his head as if to say go ahead pray for me.  Carla and I laid hands on him and started to pray.  You could sense and feel the power of God all over this man. At the end of the prayer I sounded the Shofar over him again. He was smiling and you could see a difference in his contanace. You could see joy. You could see hope rising up within him.  As the shofar was being sounded another man walked up.
He said, "That is an awesome sound, what do you call that? "
Carla handed the man a Shofar Tract. You can see it in his hands.
 I sounded the Shofar again and the man on the bench said "That sound sure brings a peace in the atmosphere" and the man reading the Shofar Tract said, "That sound sure does bring a peace. I can feel it !! "
When walking through a town Carla will take a couple Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books and Visit the stores that are of interest to her or the one's the Holy Spirit specifically sends her into.  
Whenever anyone serves her in any way she autographs a book for them.  She opens it up writes the persons name in it, shows the person our faces on the cover and points out our page numbers in the book so they can read our stories. This is such a great way to share Jesus with people!
Saints, just think what would happen if more of the people of God would carry and use Gospel tools in every day life? What kind if impact could it have?
Saints, what could happen if more of God's Shofar Sounders would obey God and use their Shofars beyond the walls of the church out in the world as a harvesting tool?
Saints, what could happen if we all started to use all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit beyond the walls of the church out in the community?  
Thanks for Helping! Thanks for Praying!
Together we are making a difference!!
Jim and Carla