The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 6 - Part 3

Part 3: The Shofar and The Harvest Part 2 
On our 2nd day of R & R we visited a huge high end mall.
As we entered the mall, a security guard started to ask questions about what I was carrying. I explained a little and said would you like to hear it? He said, " Yes!"  so at the request of the mall security officer I let loose a Shofar Blast that could be heard through the mall. 
After sounding it, I handed the security officer a Shofar Tract and said this will tell you all  about what this is and why I sound it. He thanked me and we continued into the mall.
As we walked past the doors of one shop, the Holy Spirit said go back and go in.  
So we did. The Shofar immediately caught the attention of the young girl. She said what is it?   I said would you like to hear it?   She said  "Yes!"  After sounding it I gave the security officer and the young girl a Shofar Tract and told them this would answer some of their questions. We talked for a while then,  Carla signed a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book and gave it to the young girl. She pointed out our email address and said, After reading our stories if you have any questions you can reach us at this email address. 
The Voice of the Shofar is such a wonderful door opener, even with complete strangers.  It is like when people hear the sound, you become their friend and they allow you to speak into their lives.
Praise God for this wonderful witnessing and harvesting tool!
This young lady is from Turkey. Her family are Muslim. She was working at a Kiosk in the open air part of the mall. Carla was looking at something at her Kiosk.
When Carla was done looking she gave the young lady a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book.  A couple hrs later as we were walking down the other side of the street, God spoke to Carla, He told her to go back to the young girl, talk to her and pray for her.This was a God connection, a divine appointment!  
As Carla and I came down from our room in the elevator, the 2 ladies in the picture above could not help but notice my Shofar. They asked what it was? They were from Columbia and could speak very little English. They wanted to hear what it sounded like. As I  sounded it several teenagers started to applaud. Carla walked over and gave them all a Shofar Tract. They were very grateful to receive the Shofar Tract and they loved the Sound of the Shofar. The 2 ladies introduced us to other members of their family and said they would be in touch by email when they returned to Columbia. 
The Voice of the Shofar even crosses over language barriers!  
The young lady pictured above was born in Russia. Now living in Israel.  Carla had stopped  earlier to look at some dresses at her street side Kiosk . Again the  Father spoke to Carla and sent her back to talk to this young girl. Carla gave her a copy of the Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book, talked with her and prayed with her.   
This young lady from the Nation of South Africa enjoyed hearing the Sound of the Shofar. Carla was shopping in her store and gave her a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book.
These 2 young girls came up to Carla and ask if they could get a copy of a one of the Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books.
During this day in a Mall in Semi Valley, California we passed out 120 copies of the Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books to people shopping in the mall.
The harvest is ripe but the workers are few!
We invite you to join in the harvest and use some of our Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books to give away in your city.
If you would like to try using some of our  "Real Life Stories Christian Testimony" books we will donate 2 cases to you. That's right 2 cases, 120 books is yours! 
All you have to do is make a donation of $38 to cover the shipping and handling cost and we will send 2 cases of books  right to you. This offer only good in the United States. Books are too heavy to ship out of the country. 
You can make a donation at this link :
or you can send a check or money order to:
Step By Step Ministries
815 S. Babcock Road
Porter, Indiana 46304
Saints, please pray for all the people pictured above and all the people that received books , cds, tracts, prayer  and words of life from us on our trip .   

An Old Mans Dream - City Wide Church 
If you are interested in what City Wide Church could look like you will want to read about this old master builders dream at this web site : 

Thanks for praying !
Together we are making a difference !!
Jim and Carla