The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 5 - Part 3

The Shofar Man's Gideon's Army Shofar Team is Growing!

In the last year God has connected us to 347 Shofar Sounders from 45 States here in the U.S.A. and 108 Shofar Sounders from 36 Countries from around  the World. 
We are hearing from new people daily that God is Calling to Sound the Shofar.  Many hearing this Call do not know why?  They just know the Voice of God and our Obeying His Call!
To help those, who have questions concerning the Sounding of the Shofar you can now watch the following videos about the Shofar at the link below: 

The Shofar and the Watchman

The Shofar Man Live at Feast of Tabernacles

The Shofar and the Voice of God

Shofar Protocols and Guidelines

Ministry of The Shofar Part 3

Ministry of the Shofar Part 1

NWI:CHGO Regional Unity Gathering

Go to this link to watch all the above Videos:

Please email, text and Facebook  these teaching to  everyone that you know that is Called to Sound the Shofar! 

For more information on the Gideon's Army Shofar Team go to this link:
Jim and Carla