The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 4

Greetings Shofar Man and Step By Step Ministries Friends,
If you have been praying for The Shofar Man's Gideon's Army World Tour  meetings or if you have been considering attending or hosting a Shofar Man's Gideon's Army World Tour meeting you will definitely want to read what the Leadership team from Life Unlimited Church had to say about the Shofar Man's Gideon's Army World Tour that they hosted in Odessa, Texas in Oct 24-26, 2014.

Notes from Shofar Man’s conference

October 24-26

Life Unlimited Church, Odessa TX


On Tuesday, October 28, 2014, about 20 people who had attended some or all of the conference met in the parlor of Life Unlimited to discuss their perspectives on the weekend. Donna led with a synopsis of the highlights of each session. Some of her notes are as follows:

· Divine weekend with vision and purpose imparted

· Both Saturday morning messages were extremely important

· Harvesting anointing was released to Life Unlimited. The members are key players in this anointing

· “Where shofar is sounded, your God will fight for you”

· Learning to use the tools we need for reaching the lost

· Everyone should have his/her story (testimony) written down to share with others as the Spirit leads

· The Equipping Evangelist versus the Phillip-style evangelist was emphasized.

· When the pattern is right, the fire will fall

· Right order and the unity of the body was very important for us to hear

· The image on the flyers and on the banner of the proper alignment of the five-fold ministry and the gifts that are built on that demonstrated that if programs, denominations, etc. are put on God’s altar, the differences melt away and the Body becomes united

· We have to learn to prefer each other’s gifts

· The Unity Regional gatherings are very important for LU to initiate in the Permian Basin in the coming months and years

· No agenda – just loving on the people

· Going beyond the walls as a city-wide church


Sharing by the members:

Excited about loving the community with no strings attached. We’re in a great place to hold events

Simplicity – not scared to evangelize. God’s goodness leads to repentance

Sunday was a demonstration of the Unity of the Body of Christ

There was a corporate anointing over Life Unlimited that we’ve longed for for many years.

The writing of the testimonies is a great way to get us started.

The billows of fire on Saturday and the rivers of rain on Sunday showed both spectrums of Holy Spirit

There was such a freedom of worship

The whole weekend led to a release of frustration and pain for desiring strongly to submit to Holy Spirit and not knowing how

The blowing of 15-20 shofars at one time was powerful

The opening of the outside doors and blowing the shofars toward all areas of the city was mentioned several times. The testimony of the men’s dance team from Beit Haderek about meeting with the pastor from the Lamesa Church at Whataburger came right after that service. They blew the shofar and explained to the church members what it meant. They were invited to attend a service at the church and share their dance and their shofar blowing.

Our people did not understand that the weekend would be about more than the shofar. We didn’t know what to expect nor were we equipped on how to convey how Holy Spirit would lead. We believe many did not come thinking it was only geared for the shofar blowers. We think the flyers need to reflect the importance of the shofar but that the preaching and teaching on the governance and the unity and the gifts should be greatly stressed in the flyers and advertisements.

There was a better understanding and vision on the shofar and protocol and there was confirmation on how Holy Spirit was leading our shofar blowers to sound their shofars and participate in the worship.

“My heart got tender again. There is now more desire and direction and purpose. I don’t feel so ‘random’ anymore.”

Billy Finch wants Jim to know: “The little guy on the end for whom Jim prayed – He enjoyed it!! When he heard the sound of the ram’s horn, he heard God crying.”

The shofar blowers want to get together to sound their shofars and learn how to work together in the worship.

Jean Eastes from Kerrville, and Teresa Perez and Nancy Caskey from San Antonio helped Beth Domsten with how to make the sounds on her shofar. She really enjoyed her time with them as they witnessed to people at the park.

Lyn Domsten believes that what they experienced and heard from the messages was a direct confirmation of their work at the orphanages in Malawi. They go for about a month every summer. Beth teaches on worship (flags, dance, etc) and gave them a shofar last year. Lyn teaches the teachers in the orphanage better methods of teaching the students. They’ve raised money for two water wells in the villages; met with the village chiefs, and just loved on those students with a love that shines through in all they do.

Seeing Holy Spirit move among the diversity of the gifts, the attendees, the worship, etc. was amazing. Sunday was the “cherry on the cake!”

There was freedom and refreshing in Sunday’s service.

Irene Ortega from Las Cruces gave a prophecy that LU had been in the desert for a long time but there would soon be a river of refreshing that would flow.

One of our members saw a table flipped over and believes we’re entering a new era.

From Marion’s perspective: We’ve been with Life Unlimited for six years and we’ve never experienced anything like it. From looking across the activities during the evening services, it would appear hectic and chaotic from an unbeliever’s perspective or from someone who’s accustomed to the traditional way of worship. But if you look at it from God’s timing and Holy Spirit’s leading, everyone was finding their way whether it was through worship, singing, blowing the shofar, dancing, praying, etc. When it was time for the services to come to a conclusion, most came to the same place in their worship and experience with the Lord that only could come with God’s Kairos time. By Sunday, there was a true Unity in the Body of Christ that most of us have never experienced.

I don’t want to lose that. I don’t want Satan to have the opportunity to steal, kill or destroy that momentum or unity that was started this weekend. The weekend can never be repeated anywhere else or even at LU. But, Holy Spirit’s anointing can happen at any time in any place.

We need help in starting the Unity meetings, in knowing who should equip the members for evangelism, how to prepare for the block parties, etc. We need to make sure we’re not carrying our “new wine” in “old wine skins”.

The following are a couple pictures from The Shofar Man's Gideon's Army World Tour  Odessa,Texas


You can see some of what the Life Unlimited Leadership Team Described in their notes above clearly seen in these photos!


Saints, Thank You for praying for these meetings!  The fruitfulness of these meetings is a direct response to all the prayer going up over these meetings!!
Starting on Jan 30th, 2015 Jim and Carla will go back to Odessa, Texas once a month to help the Local Elders and 5 Fold Ministers in the Region to Establish the Permian Basin Regional Unity Gathering.

We will have 2 meetings on this trip.
Jan 31st, 2015   7pm 
Feb 1st , 2015   10am    
Meeting Location :
Life Unlimited Church
4224 E Loop 338
Odessa, Tx  
To get directions, or more info contact Marion email: • 432-693-6652
On our next trip to Texas will also have 2 meetings. 
Feb 28th, 2015  7 PM
March 1st, 2015  10 AM
The Permian Basin Regional Leaders are calling God's Leaders, across all denominational lines to join hands in unity and take the Gospel message Beyond the walls of our buildings, out into our cities to reach and disciple the lost. If you are God’s leader, no matter what your title is (bishop, elder, pastor, priest, apostle, teacher, missionary, sent one, evangelist, prophet, youth pastor or some other), no matter what part of the body you represent, no matter what denomination, no matter what stream, no matter what flow, God is calling us to join hands and carry His gospel into our cities to reach and disciple the lost. 

It is Time The lost people in our cities come to know God, through the love that we demonstrate for one another!! If we will come together and work in unity, God will Command His Blessing towards us! It is Time For the City Wide Church and Regional Church To Arise! It is Time For the Lion of Judah to Roar in our Cities and Region!!

Permian Basin Regional Unity Gatherings Will Include Something For Everyone:

Passionate Spirit Led Praise and Worship

The Ministry of the Shofar 

The Ministry of Dance

Flag Ministry

The Liberty and Format For The Fullness Of The 5 Fold Ministry To Function Together To Equip The Saints

God's Government and Order for His Church

A Safe Environment For Everyone To Learn How To Operate In The 2 Corinthians 12 And Romans 12 Gifts

Unity In the Church - City Wide Church and Regional Church 

Going Beyond The Walls To Reach and Disciple the Lost 

Effective Tools and Ways To Reach the Lost in Our Cities

Identifying & Activating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Saints  

What is God saying to the Church Today?

Saints are Often Prophetically Launched Into New Ministries At These Regional Unity Gatherings!

Altar of God's Government Order and Gifts


 "When The Pattern Is Right The Fire Will Fall"

The Permian Basin Regional Gatherings Will Function As A 5 Fold Ministry Where Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors And Teachers Work Together To Equip The Saints To Do The Work Of The Ministry.  The Permian Basin Regional Gatherings Are Part Of " The Church"  With A Call To Come Along Side Other Parts Of  "The Church" And Work In Unity With The Whole Body Of Christ To Move The Saints Beyond The Walls Of Our Buildings, Out Into The Community With The Training And Tools They Need To Reach And Disciple The Lost.

If You would like to hear an audio message about the Vision for Developing A Regional Unity Gathering, Building a Regional Altar to God and Raising up a Regional Gideon's Army of Shofar Sounders. Go to this link :

If you would like to Host The Shofar Man's Gideon's Army World Tour in Your City Give us a call 219-787-9933 or send an email to  .
If you have a heart for Unity and Lost Souls and would like to Start a Regional Unity Gathering in your area  give us a call at 219-787-9933  or send an email to  

Saints Thank You! For praying for doors to open.
As you can see above, God has heard and is answering your prayers! 
Please continue to pray for the "Right" open doors!  
Pray for A Regional Unity Gathering and a “Gideon’s Army.”  A Team Of Shofar Sounders, Dancers, Flag Bearers, Worshippers, Watchmen, Prayer Intercessors and Gospel Workers To Be Raised Up In Each City Or Region With The Heart and Purpose To Go Beyond The Walls Of Our Buildings Into Our Communities To Reach And Disciple The Lost.

In addition to the above Cities, we have heard from leaders in several other Cities including:
  Atlanta, Georgia
 Bronx, New York
  Miami, Florida,
San Antonio, Texas
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Hot Springs, Arkansas
 The Dalles, Oregon
 Zion, Illinois
Washington DC
 Roxboro, North Carolina
Cincinnati, Ohio
 Macon, Georgia
 Phoenix, Arizona
 Toronto, Canada
  Dallas, Texas
 Clarksville, Tennessee
 Richmond, Virginia
 Bristol, Tennessee

 Please pray for God's Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and Timing for all this. 
God was very clear to me, that he wanted this done on the East Coast and West Coast.  Please, pray for east and west Coast doors to open.   

Thanks again for praying!
Together we are making a difference!!
Jim and Carla