The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 3

Greetings Shofar Man and Step By Step Ministries Friends ,
The November  22, 2014 Northwest Indiana / Chicagoland Regional Unity Gathering will again be held at our home!
The night will include Worship, Dance, The Word, Testimonies, Snacks and Refreshments.  If you are coming please call Carla at 219 762 7589 and let her know what kind of finger food you can bring.
The  format for the Nov 22nd Regional Unity Gathering will have 5 different ,  5 fold ministers, each speaking for 5 to 7 minutes on the topic given to them by the Holy Spirit for this Gathering.
Yes, 5 speakers, representing the 5 different Ephesians 4  Gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher. 
Our servant ministers  for Nov 22, 2014,  6:30 P.M. Regional Unity Gathering will be:  
Daphane Romer
Reggie Holmes
Ed Crundwell  
Tammy Ward 
???  As the Lord Leads
At the end  of the evening, everyone will be encouraged to come and receive  prayer to be more effective in the topic taught about.
 Each speaker will seek the Father for their  topic!  
 The idea is to learn to be more Led of the Holy Spirit!!
It is our desire to take the saints beyond teaching, to teaching with application or training.  We want to Equip the Saints to be active in sharing Jesus in day to day life. We all need to apply and put to use what we are being taught.  
Each session will end with a challenge,  to apply during everyday life and use what was taught during the next 30 days and come back for the Jan 3rd, 2015 Regional Unity Gathering  with a PopCorn Testimony of how God used Them! 
Come and Join us for an Intimate time of Fellowship and Fun at
Jim and Carla Barbarossa's Home at :
815 S. Babcock Rd
Porter, Indiana
For directions or other information call 219-762-7589

Parking Instructions : As you come down the drive way,  pull off into the grass on both the left and right sides of the drive way. We will have a couple cars already parked, just follow the pattern.
For those with health issues, handicaps or trouble walking, just pull up the drive way as close to the house as you can.
Come up to the garage door end of the house and enter in the door just to the right of the garage door. 

Praise Report !  :
The Gideon's Army Shofar Team Is Growing!

We now have Shofar Sounders in 45 States in the U.S.A. and 31 Countries!!

If you are a Shofar Sounder and want to be a part of Gideon's Army Shofar Team in Your City
go to this link :
Saints, please send this to every Shofar Sounder that you know!   
This is a World-Wide Call!!

For The Shofar Man's World Tour Itinerary go to this link :

Freeport, Bahamas November 5th -9th,  2014
Pictures of Shofar Ministry in the Market Place and out in the Streets!
The Pictures Speak for Themselves!







The 1st Monthly, Central Indiana Regional Unity Gathering will be held on Jan 2, 2015 at 7 P.M. :
Chapel Hill United Methodist Church
963 N. Girls School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46214
For complete details including schedule for all of 2015 go to this link :
To receive a full color flyer of this event just send us an email with with the words "Central Indiana Flyer " in the subject line
and your name address in the body of the email. We will email you the electronic flyer plus mail you some hard copies of the flyer .
If you are in the State of Indiana, we are looking to expand Regional Unity Gatherings into the Northeast Region, Southeast Region and Southwest Region. If you feel called of God to help bring Regional Unity Gatherings to your area give Jim a call at 219 762 7589 or send us an email.
To learn more about Regional Unity Gatherings come join us at  the Northwest Indiana Gathering on Saturday Nov 22nd,  2014 at 6:30 P.M. or join us on Jan 2, 2015, 7 P.M. at the Central Indiana Regional Unity Gathering .  

Saints Thank You ! For praying for doors to open.
As you can see above God has heard and is answering your prayers! 
Please continue to pray for the "Right" open doors!  
Pray for  A “Gideon’s Army.”  A Team Of Shofar Sounders, Dancers, Flag Bearers, Worshippers, Watchmen, Prayer Intercessors, and Gospel Workers To Be Raised Up In Each City Or Region With The Heart and Purpose To  Go Beyond The Walls Of Our Buildings Into Our Communities To Reach And Disciple The Lost.
In addition to the above Cities, we have heard from leaders in several other Cities including  Atlanta Georgia, Bronx New York,  Miami Florida, San Antonio Texas, Pittsburgh PA, The Dalles Oregon, Zion IL, Washington DC, Roxboro NC, Cincinnati Ohio, Macon Georgia, Phoenix AZ, Toronto Canada,  Dallas TX, Clarksville TN and others.
 Please pray for God's Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and Timing for all this . 
God was very clear to me, that he wanted this done on the  East Coast and West Coast.  Please, pray for an east and west Coast door to open .   

Thanks again for praying !
Together we are making a difference !!
Jim and Carla
Jim and Carla Barbarossa
Step By Step Ministries
815 S. Babcock Rd 
Porter, Indiana 46304
219 762 7589