The Shofar Man's Newsletter Volume 2

Greetings Shofar Man and Step By Step Ministries Friends,

We received the following in regards to our trip to Freeport, Bahamas this week:

Hi Jim,
I spoke with Daphne and she wanted me to share a vision that she had this morning.

In the dream it started where the Holy Spirit said to her, to say to the people, that at the sound of the trumpet, shout and begin to praise God. And she said to the people when Jim blows, the people will shout. And when you began to blow, the people shouted and the whole island SHIFTED, you could feel the SHIFT when the shofar was blown. And then there was a backdrop of your banner "When the pattern is right, the fire will fall."



The Shofar Man is asking the Gideon's Army Shofar Team to join us in Sounding the Shofar over the Bahamas and the Islands of the Sea at the start of each session as listed on the below flyer.
Believe with us as you sound the Shofar that God is Fighting for this Island and there will be a Spiritual and Natural Shift on the Island!
Nov 6th, 2014  7P.M.
Nov 7th, 2014  9A.M. - 2pm - 7pm
Nov 8th, 2014  9A.M. - P.M.
If You Will Be Joining us in Sounding the Shofar or Praying Over These Meetings Please Send Us An Email To:, Place "Bahamas"  in the subject line and your Name, City, State and Country In The Body Of The Email.


The next, The Shofar Man's, Gideon's Army World Tour Gathering will be in Orlando, Florida:


This Gathering will Include the following, plus a lot more:

The 2 pictures below are from The Shofar Man's World Tour Odessa, Texas meeting Oct 24 -26, 2014.

Wish you could have been there! God showed up and showed out!!

You can go to this website to hear all 5 of the messages. We highly recommend listening to the 9am and 12 noon Saturday sessions:



Praise Report!
The Gideon's Army Shofar Team Is Growing!

We now have Shofar Sounders in 45 States in the U.S.A. and 31 Countries!!
If you are a Shofar Sounder and want to be a part of Gideon's Army Shofar Team in Your City
go to this  link :
Saints, please send this to every Shofar Sounder that you know!   
This is a World-Wide Call!!

Hope this Newsletter is a blessing to you!
Thanks for praying!
Together we are making a difference!!
Jim and Carla