The Shofar Man's - Gideon's Army World Tour - Itinerary  


Chester, South Carolina March 19th - 22nd 2015 Click Here for More Information
Alton, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri April 17th - 18th 2015 Click Here for More Information
Date Available May 15th - 17th 2015  
Date Available June 12th-13th 2015  
Carthage, Mississippi July 17th - 19th 2015  
Date Available August 14th - 16th 2015  
Ashburn, Virginia / Washington DC September 10th - 13th 2015 Click Here for More Information
Hot Springs, Arkansas October 8th - 11th 2015  
Date Available November 13th - 15th 2015  


This short 4 minute Worship video clip from
The Shofar Man's Gideon's Army World Tour Orlando, Florida
with Shofars Sounding, Flags Flying and Dancers Dancing is typical
of the Free Flowing Anointed Spirit Led Worship that you can expect
to experience at any Shofar Man's Gideon's Army World Tour Gathering
or Regional Unity Gathering.  You will see in the video clip that people are
Activated, Engaged, Drawn In, Literally Pulled into Participating in a
Very Life Changing Dynamic Worship Experience!!
If it could be described with just one word I would call it:


This Gathering Has Something for Everyone! 

We Are All About Identifying The Gifts and Callings of God's People!

We Help Raise Them Up, Equip Them and Release Them into the Work of the Lord.  

Many People Have Been Launched into New Ministries at These Gatherings!

Below is a Sample of What the Schedule and Topics Covered Will Look Like: 

 Friday Night Session   

 Impart the vision for raising up a Gideon's Army 300 member Shofar Team in Midland / Odessa with a teaching about the shofar and its purposes . Usually followed by a call for those called to sound the shofar to come forth, be prayed for and have hands laid on them. This session will include a couple praise dances and often includes the calling forth of those that have never danced into dance ministry.

This session will sometimes include the calling forth and praying for those called to flag ministry.

 Saturday Morning Session 1

Impart the Vision of Gods Altar of Government, Order and Gifts.  The teaching flows from the below Altar picture. 

 This session covers the purpose of the Ephesians 4:11-12 gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist ,pastor and teacher and their role to work in unity to equip all the saints to operate in the Romans 12 and 1st Corinthians 12 gifts

Also focuses on the body of Christ working in Unity as one Voice! 

Saturday Morning Session 2


This teaching also uses the altar banner but with a different twist . It features 5 practical proven ways to go forth into the community in Unity to reach and disciple the lost.  


Saturday Night  Session  

Shofar Protocols and Guidelines

This teaching takes the fear out off pastoring someone that is called to sound the shofar.  This knowledge makes it easier to release shofar sounders in a local church. The teaching brings order to using a shofar in the local church.  It touches on things that can cause friction and division in the local church.


Establishing protocols and guidelines in the local church.

Should the shofar be sounded during worship?

Should the shofar be sounded during a quiet moment?

What do I do if shofar sounding is not allowed in my local church but I am called to sound it?

Should I sound my shofar in a church that I am visiting?

 Should I sound the shofar during altar ministry?

Who is called to sound the shofar?

Can a shofar be sounded at a wedding?

Can a shofar be sounded at a funeral?

This session includes a couple praise dances and will sometimes touch on Dance protocols and Flag protocols.

Sunday Morning Session

One of these possible topics or what ever the Lord may direct once we get started .  

Hearing the Voice of God ,Knowing the Voice of God

And Obeying the Voice of God

Unity - A call to Action

Imparting the Vision to Develop a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book

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Imparting the Vision for Developing A Regional Unity Gathering, Building a Regional Altar to God and Raising up a Regional Gideon's Army of Shofar Sounders.


After listening to this audio message prayerfully consider if God would have You implement this Vision in your Region?

 For more info on how to do this in your area

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