The Shofar Man's
God's Government, Order and Gifts International Unity Gathering

The Father is Calling for a Change in the Way His People are doing Church! 

The Father is Setting His Government in Order!

The Father is Commissioning all That Have Ears to Hear and Eyes to See,

to Come and Receive His Mandate and Carry it Back to Their Cites and Countries.

Do You Have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear?

 Will You Help Establish God's Government and Order in Your City or Country?


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A Word from the Shofar Man



Friday Sept 30th, 2016   7 PM

For Friday night, The Shofar Man is Bringing Together 6 Experienced Shofar Sounders (Teachers)  from Around the World to Join Hands and Anointing to Impart the Fullness of the Revelation of the Shofar to All in Attendance at the Shofar Man’s “God’s Government Order and Gifts International Unity Gathering” on Friday Sept 30, 2016.

The 6 Shofar Teachers will be Coming from the Following Places: 

California – Ontario Canada – Kenya Africa – North Carolina – Indiana and China.

This Shofar teaching will be done in Tag Team style with all 6 Ministry Gifts each doing a 6 minute segment. The Holy Spirit will Blend Together the 6 Shofar Sounders, 6 minute messages into One Powerful Life Changing, Live Giving Revelation!

The Shofar Teaching  will be followed by a Laying on of Hands Anointing Service.  The Shofar Man and This Team of Ministry Gifts, representing Shofar Sounders and Teachers from Around the World will be Used of the Father to Impart the Revelation and Anointing of the Shofar to All that Come with the Focus to Carry it back to Their City or Their Nation .

The Theme for this Teaching will be:

As You Go:  Sound the Shofar / The Shofar a Tool for the End Time Harvest

The Father,  is using The Shofar Man to Call Shofar Sounders to Come from Every Nation!

Will You Come and Carry this Mandate and Anointing Back to Your Nation?

The Shofar Man is Calling Shofar Sounders from all 50 of the United States!

Will you Come and Carry this Mandate and Anointing Back to Your State?

The Shofar Man was recently asked, “Why would a Shofar Sounder or Anyone else want to attend the Sept 30, 2016  Friday Night Shofar Teaching Session?"

Jim, The Shofar Man’s answer is as follows:

Even though that is a big question, here is my short simple answer.

Many Sound the Shofar, but very few sound it with Authority, Power, and Manifestations following.

Ron Rurik lives in Chicago and he Sounded the Shofar for 20 years before he met me. Someone gave, Ron, my book “The Ministry of the Shofar ".  As Ron read the book, he saw that when I sounded the Shofar it was Sounded with Authority,  Expecting  Power to be Released and things to happen. Ron read about healings, deliverances, miracles and salvations that took place as I Sounded the Shofar. Ron said, "God , I have been Sounding the Shofar for 20 years and I have never seen anything like this."  Ron said, "God I want to experience all that Jim has experienced when he Sounds the Shofar".  God told Ron to call me and come to my home so I could Speak into his Life and Pray for him.  

Ron came to my home, we talked, I prayed for him and the Father Released the Anointing to Sound the Shofar into his life.  Ron saw changes immediately. Lost people , Jewish and Muslim people have had Visions of Jesus when Ron Sounds the Shofar.

Ron now carries his Shofar everywhere he goes and Sounds it everywhere he goes and when Ron Sounds the Shofar God shows up and does great things.  Today Ron walks in the Anointing to use the Shofar as a Tool to Bring in a Harvest of Lost Souls.

This Anointing is Real and Available for others Called to Sound the Shofar to walk in!  

Here is another reason :

The Body of Christ needs to understand that some Shofar Sounders have  an Apostolic Calling and Anointing on them to be used by God to go into Cities,  Regions and Countries to Release that which is like the Voice of God into the atmosphere Breaking  the power of ruling principalities and powers of darkness in that City, Region or Country.

While at the same time releasing the Harvesting Anointing through the teaching and equipping of the saints in that city ,region or nation to reach and disciple the lost.

Carla and I have been sent by the Father into many Cities, Regions and Countries over the years and have seen the powers of darkness  broken and the Saints Equipped to Reach and Disciple the Lost.

Again this Anointing is Real and is Available for others called to walk in it!

All 6 of the Shofar Teachers in the Friday night meeting Walk In and Carry the Anointing to use the Shofar in Everyday Life as tool to Reach out to a Lost and Dying World!

I trust that God will use these 6 Shofar Sounders / Teachers to Raise our Expectation level and Impart to us in a Fuller Dimension the Importance and Purpose of the Shofar in this hour.

Please, prayerfully share this with all Your, Email, Text and Facebook Friends.

The Shofar Man


Saturday Oct 1st, 2016   9AM, 2PM & 7PM

The 3 Saturday Sessions will look something like this:

Saturday will be jam packed an a little hard to explain in a few words so I am going to direct you to a couple videos.

1st Watch this short clip:


The 9 am session on Saturday would be something like the next video, but I will not teach it alone,
instead we will do it Ephesians 4:11 -12 style.
We will have 5 different 5
Fold Ministers joining hands and anointing and teaching it Together.


All 3 session on Saturday will use several 5 Fold Ministers working Together in each session to
Demonstrate God’s Government, Order and Gifts in Action.  

The 2pm session will have 6 Speakers Teaching something like this video:


The 7 pm session will have 7 Speakers. This session will include 7 Topics:

As you go: Love

As you go: Pray With Someone

As you go: Fear Not

As you go: Hear and Obey God

As you go: Do Acts of Kindness

As you go: Give

As you go: Be Led by the Holy Spirit

Our focus is always on Moving the Saints, Equipping the Saints to do the above things, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Everyday Life, Everywhere they Go!

The entire Gathering will be a Live Demonstration of Ephesians 4 :11-12 ,Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 and all of Ephesians 4 Chapter.

In addition, there will be Dance Ministry, Flag Ministry, Skits, Dramas and Popcorn Testimonies in Every Session.

Click on this link to see Highlights from a Previous Shofar Man’s Gathering:


Please, prayerfully share this with all Your, Email, Text and Facebook Friends.


The Shofar Man



Bread of Life Ministries is located 20 minutes from the Indianapolis International Airport             
 Registration is Free!  But Seating is Limited!
To Register Please Send the Following Information to or
1. Your complete name
2. Your complete mailing address
3. Your telephone number
4. Name, address, phone number and email address of anyone attending with you.  

Area Hotels
These rates are not guaranteed, but  are their charges on the day info requested.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
5855 Rockville Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46224


Normal call in rate is $149.99
2 Queen Beds, Free Hot breakfast included!

Special Room Block Rate forThe Shofar Man’s International Gathering Is only   $99.99

Rooms are limited and will go Fast!    Call Today !


Fairfield Inn
119 Angelina Way, Avon, IN 46123
Phone:  317-271-9200
Breakfast in included in the price.
They have a pool and an exercise room.
The Fairfield is the newest and the nicest hotel 2.5 miles or 5 minutes from Bread of Life Ministries.  Call for prices.



Comfort Inn
8229 E US Hwy 36, Avon, Indiana 46123
Phone:  317-272-8789
Breakfast in included
They have a pool.
No exercise room.

A Queen Room, 2 beds priced at 109.00 per night for 2 – four people.
 If a fifth person is added, it is $10.00 extra.

A King Standard Room, 1 bed priced at 109.00 per night for 2 people. 
If a third person is added, a roll away is $10.00 extra


 Value Place (An extended stay hotel)
8405 Rockville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46214
Phone:  317-271-9300
They do not provide breakfast.
They do not have a pool or a lobby.
Guests must show photo ID.

A regular room with kitchenette, one bed, one adult, priced at $59.00 per night.
A second person may stay at no extra charge.

A two person room with kitchenette, 2 beds, 2 adults priced at $69.99 per night.
Maximum of four people may stay at no extra charge.

Wingate by Wyndham
5797 Rockville Road
Indianapolis, In  46224
317 243 8310
Carla and I have booked rooms for ourselves at the Wingate for the International Gathering on 9-30 & 10-1, 2016 .  They gave us a rate of $79 a night. They have also agreed to give the same rate to people we send them as long as they have rooms. To get this rate, call during the morning and ask for Liz.  If Liz is not there, then, ask for the Step by Step Ministries room rate of $79 a night.  Breakfast is included.
This is about 15 minutes from Bread of Life.  
Book Early These Rooms Will Go Fast !!

Airport Car Rentals and Taxi Information for the International Gathering
The Best Way to get Around is to Rent a Car!

Airport Car Rentals:

Budget                 317-260-5820

Avis                        317-244-3307

Thrifty                   877-283-0898

Enterprise           317-247-7555

Payless                 317-777-7337

Alamo                   317-243-1151

Hertz                     317-405-6363

Dollar Rent a Car   866-434-2226


Taxi Service from Airport to Bread of Life Ministries – Fares run around $28 - $30 one way plus tip

From the hotels to Bread of Life Ministries – Fares usually run $25 - $30 one way plus tip.

None of the hotels shuttle to Bread of Life Ministries




A Historic Moment In Time
 September 13th, 2015 1:45 P.M.
 The Shofar Man and The Gideon's Army Shofar Team
Circle the White House in Washington DC
 To See This Short Video Clip Click Here 


Gideon's Army - A Network Of Shofar Sounders From  Around The World
To Become a part of Gideon's Army Click Here

Prophetic Word
At the Martinsville, Indiana  Regional Unity Gathering Vision Casting Service on Jan 16th, 2016, The Father Spoke Over Us, Through The Worship.
I Believe this Word about having a "Pioneering Spirit"  is for Everyone that will be Involved in this International Unity Gathering!
What is a pioneer? Pioneers are people who prepare the way for others. This can be in anything--in charting new lands or developing new inventions.
 It can be in sports, politics, ideas, or business. Pioneers don't have to have been first--but they are the ones that others followed.
Being a pioneer means having vision. This means seeing beyond yourself to the possibilities in the world around you.
Pioneers can see opportunities where others may only see obstacles. They see promise where others only see confusion or problems.
Being a pioneer means having courage. Pioneers are risk-takers. They understand failure, but they focus on the great potential for success.
Being a pioneer means being generous. Pioneers believe in helping others. Even when others don't appreciate that generosity, the pioneer is a giver.
The pioneer spirit means hard work. Nothing great is accomplished without great effort and great sacrifice.
Go to the Short Video Clip at this link to Hear What the Father Said :

 Short Highlights Video 

To See:  What is a Regional Unity Gathering and How does it Function?
Click Here





In this short video clip, an Ephesians Chapter 4 Equipping Evangelist  Encourages the Saints to carry and use Real Life Stories Edition 3 Christian Testimony Books in every day life:
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To Watch the Complete Video Teaching On

Gods Altar of Government, Order and Gifts "When the Pattern is Right The Fire Will Fall!"