Witnessing Made Easy!

Living a Witnessing Life Style has never been so Easy, Effective and Affordable!

Lighthouse Edition 4, Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books are a Big Hit and Fun to Use!

The Bolder look of the Words floating around in the water will often start a conversation and often bring people to tears!
These words speak about many of the main storms that people are facing in everyday life all around us!

This New Look, often leads to conversations which open the door to pray with and love people!

People from all ages and all walks of life are just drawn to the book and the people that use them!

The use of Lighthouse Edition 4 as a Witnessing Tool is so Easy to use and so Well Accepted it helps take the fear out of witnessing!

All we do is Carry 2 Books in our hands, wherever we go and Trust in the Holy Spirit to help us to place the
 Gospel Message in the Book, into the hands of a person that needs it!

This is so Easy! Everyone can do it!!  The lady in the picture above was so moved by what she saw on the book cover.

She said, “It is amazing that you hand me a book and it has words on the cover that describe the exact things I am going through”.
She accepted 3 extra copies to share with some of her friends that are going through some of the same things!

These books are almost always received with a Smile!

Carla and I traveled from June 20th 2017 to July 1st 2017 from Porter Indiana to New Bedford, Ma and back.  As we traveled we gave peop
le books in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

We gave out over 70 books in Boston Harbor and distributed over 200 books on Cape Cod as we went all the way out to Provincetown on the eastern point.

In 12 days we gave out 584 Lighthouse Edition 4 Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books!  We only had 2 people refuse to receive a book.
Only 2 people out of 586 people rejected receiving a book.
 That is a rejection rate of less than  ˝ of a percent!! 

These books are so Affordable to Giveaway! You can purchase a full case of 88 books for only $55!! That is less the .65 cents per book!


Please, Prayerfully consider accepting our 2 book a day challenge.

It is very simple! You carry 2 books in your hand everywhere you go and trust in the Holy Spirit to help you to give them to the right people.

In doing this, you learn to depend on and trust more in the Holy Spirit!

In doing this you are inviting the Holy Spirit to lead you in all things!

In doing this you are asking the Holy Spirit to Disciple You!

If  You will accept this 2 book a day challenge, Your Life will never be the same!!

Do You want to get Started Today?


Go to this link, make a donation of $70 to cover books and shipping. We will send you out a full case ( 88 copies )
of Lighthouse Edition 4, Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books.



You can also order a case of books by sending a $70 check or money order to :

Step By Step Ministries

815 S. Babcock Rd

Porter, Indiana 46304  


Any questions call Jim at 219-762-7589 or email jim@step-by-step.org

To watch a powerful video about using Real Life Stories Christian Testimony books to share your faith go to this link:


Please, Prayerfully consider bringing a small group together in Your City to watch our Discipleship/Evangelism Video Series with You!

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Thanks for Praying!!

Jim and Carla


Jim and Carla Barbarossa
Step By Step Ministries

219 762 7589