Discipleship – Has the Church Failed?

In 25 years of ministry, working with both big and small churches and ministries all over the United States and abroad, we have seen many so called discipleship programs come and go leaving no disciples when finished! Most of these programs are strong on doctrine but fall short on relationship and discipleship!  

We have heard many leaders say they want to reach the lost and disciple them but just cannot find anything that works!!

Truth : 97 % of all born again Christians have never led a lost soul to Jesus and 97% of all born again Christians never share their faith and this is because they have never been Discipled!!

As leaders we have Failed to disciple The followers of Jesus!

But there is Hope!  We have Found something that works and we have effectively used it for over 3 years.

Want to know more ?    You can!     Just watch the following Video.   

“A Prophetic Word for the Church”

In the following heart stirring  video a prophetic word is released to the World Wide Body of Christ along with a Vision or Plan on how we can Disciple Christians in our cities, states and countries who are caught up in fast paced, time consuming and often distracting lifestyles.


Watch and See How the 12 Discipleship Teaching Sessions listed below have transformed the lives of many Christians.

Watch and See How every Christian can learn to lead an Exciting Purposeful Witnessing Lifestyle!

Watch and See How You can carry this Simple, Effective Discipleship Series back to your bible study, your home group, your house church, your local congregation, your city, your state or your country!

Our next Live Discipleship Series will start June 10th, 2017.  It will include the following 12 teaching sessions:   

As You, Go:  Love 

As You, Go: Hear and Obey

As You, Go:   Fear Not!

As You Go : Tell people about  Jesus with Real Life      Stories Christian Testimony Books  

As You, Go: Pray With Some One

As You Go : Be Led By The Holy Spirit

As You Go : Do Acts of Kindness                

As You, Go: Give 

As You, Go: Speak The Word – Prophesy

As You Go: Demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit

As You Go:  Say So!  Psalm 107: 1-6 - Mark 5:1-20  John 4: 5-39

As You Go: Offer People Salvation  Romans 3:23   6:23    10:9-15

These 12 simple Discipleship Sessions can change Your Life Forever!

Would You like to be Discipled? Do you know someone else that needs to be Discipled?

Come!    Join Us!    Do not miss this opportunity!

We have seen people grow more in the area of developing a witnessing lifestyle while meeting just 1 time a month for 12 months in a discipleship setting, then they grew in 10 or 20 years of traditional weekly church meetings!

Mark Your Calendar Now!   Our next Discipleship Gathering will be June 10th, 2017 at 6:30PM.  The Theme for this Gathering will be As You Go: Love!

The message, As You Go: Love will be presented by 5, fivefold ministers as they join their hands, hearts and  gifts  together to Equip the Saints or Disciple Them!

This will be the 1st of 12 Discipleship Sessions.  If you will Commit to attending all 12 sessions Your Life Will Never Be The Same!

In fact, if you will do everything that is modeled before you during these 12 sessions, we guarantee that you will start leading a witnessing lifestyle!

If you live too far away to attend our Discipleship Gathering, please prayerfully consider hosting a  12 session Discipleship Gathering in Your City!!

Want more information on how you can start a Discipleship Gathering in Your City ? Send an email to Jim@step-by-step.org with the words “Discipleship Gathering “ in the subject line.   

If you want to be Discipled Come Join Us!    Bring A Friend!!   

Thanks for Praying Saints, Your prayers are much Appreciated!


Jim and Carla


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Discipleship and the Holy Spirit

Do Real Life Stories Testimony Books help in the making of a disciple ?


It is very hard to disciple people in this day and age because it takes time and commitment.  Jesus discipled people for 2 or 3 years. There is no way we can get people to make that kind of commitment today.   

To be able to disciple someone you must get some kind of a commitment from them.  

We have found that,  if you can get a Christian to commit to write out their testimony and commit to share it daily, that this commitment sets the stage for the Holy Spirit to disciple them!

The first thing we challenge people to do in our discipleship teaching is to commit to write their testimony and be a part of a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book.

The second thing we do is challenge people to  carry 2 copies of the Real Life Stories Christian Testimony in their hand every time they leave the door of their home and every time they get out of their car.

The third thing we do is challenge them to ask the Holy Spirit to help them in the giving away of the books!    

The commitment to carry the books, joined with the commitment to ask the Holy Spirit to help them, sets the stage for the Holy Spirit to be active in their life!

If a person is always carrying the Gospel message with them in the form of a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book, then they are always trusting in the Holy Spirit to help them! This gives the Holy Spirit total access to all their Time and Daily Life! 

What we accomplish during our 12 Discipleship Sessions is getting a strong commitment from the person being discipled to allow the Holy Spirit to led them into Living a Witnessing Lifestyle!

If you would like to know more about “Making Disciples” I suggest that you study everything at this link and all the links connected to that page. For what we teach to work you must have a complete understanding  of everything on this page and linked to this page:



After studying everything at the above link, please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

For more information on our 12 part “Discipleship Series” go to this link:  http://www.step-by-step.org/discipleship.htm


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