The Shofar Manís Godís Government, Order and Gifts

2016 International Unity Gathering 5-Fold Ministry in Action

This Complete Conference is done using a 5 Fold Ministry Type Format!

During each session Six,  5-Fold Ministers Team Up.

Each Minister Teaching for 7 minutes in a Tag Team Style.  As these 6 ministers Esteem each other the
Holy Spirit Leads them and Blends their gifts Together producing a Powerful Message in each session.

The Five Fold Ministry Type Format used in this Conference is a fine example of how 5-Fold Ministers
 can Learn to work Together to Equip the Saints to do the work of the ministry!

You can Freely watch this entire Conference at the Video links below:

Part 1:

As You Go: Sound the Shofar / The Shofar a Tool for the Harvest!


Part 2:

Godís Altar of Government, Order and Gifts
When the Pattern is Right the Fire will Fall!


Part 3:

As You Go: Use Real Life Story Books To Reach The Lost


Part 4:

As You Go: Love - Pray with Someone Ė Do Acts of Kindness Ė Give